megumi_san's diary

I write down something when I got inspiration.


 yes. yes. please.Include me.

         Ave Maria

         Gratia Plena

         Maria, gratia plena

         Maria, gratia plena

         Ave, ave Dominus

         Dominus tecum

         Benedicta tu in Mulieribus

         Et Benedictus

         Et Benedictus fructus ventris

         Ventris tuae, Jesus

         Ave Maria

         Ave Maria

         Maria, hear my prayer

         Today I'm asking for forgiveness

         For all my people here on earth

         I know they feel inside their hearts

         What is wrong or right

         True love is all it needs to heal them

         But hate is all they really know

         So innocent the starving children

         How I wish they'd get a chance to grow

         Ave Maria